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“I ask the female ATTENTION, girls who are over 18 years old. If you really need really a GOOD DECENT income!
I offerjob vacancies in the marriage agency. Work at home or in the office, flexible time, payment several times a month. You are required to have a good mood, the ability to engage in dialogue, appealing appearance.You can earn 25-50 US dollars for 2-3 hours if you do your best. Perish the thought, thatit is obligatory to undress or do anything like that. Each model chooses her own what category to work with. The work substantially easy, but it demands stable Internet connection and a webcam. For more details contact DM.

As you can see the scamming is not hidden by no means. Most of the girls in such agencies just earn money and want to extend the time of communication with a foreigner. It is not the only way of scamming, these people are very creative in scamming, so the only suggestion is the foreigner men must be careful, read information about the agencies, check all the data and their expenses.
And remember: the scams are prevailing in “Marriage Agencies Market” (online dating industries)!
Here is the profile screenshot of that person who published this advert.