It is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce to everyone today, October 11th, 2019, Cordex celebrates its 50th anniversary.

On this historic date, it’s time to remember Cordex’s founder Manuel Armando Pereira and all those who have selflessly contributed to what Cordex is today.

Manuel Armando founded Cordex on October 11th, 1969. He had a dream of creating a mechanical rope factory and turning it into one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

He fulfilled that dream, taking risks and walking through unknown places, often without a compass. He was a great man to whom we owe much of what we are today.

Unfortunately Mr. Manuel Armando is no longer with us, but his dream has been and continues to be fulfilled. This is the best tribute we can pay him today.


 “We are all visitors of this time, of this place. We are just passing through. Our goal is to watch, grow, love… And then we’ll go home. ”

We can leave our mark…and that’s what our founder Manuel Armando did.


We want to thank everyone else involved in this fantastic adventure so far, our suppliers, customers, and, above all, our employees who, over the years, have contributed so much with their hard work and dedication.

In fact, the staff, are our most important asset! They are more important than any brands, products or facilities. It’s their relationships with people, trust, commitment and security that make a difference and allow us to grow.

Our suppliers, banks and competitors… we treat them all with the highest respect.


We at Cordex are enthusiastic, strong and energetic. We are active and want to achieve great things. Every time the market moves, there we are, changing strategies.

Every time the wind turns, there we are, securing the sails.  We adjust as often as necessary, reinvent ourselves every day to differentiate ourselves above and beyond our competitors in the marketplace.

Each of Cordex’s achievements are due to the excellence of its employees. They are active people who fight and strive to achieve, have great ideas, and are personally invested in this project as if it were their own.

They are self motivated people, not waiting for a Friday afternoon or the end of the month. They are people who dream and empower others to dream as well  seeking accomplishments each and every day.

Over time, we have continually transformed ourselves until today we are our best version to date. This is what makes us the success we are!

With this adaptive, positive attitude, growth is inevitable…and with the passing of each year we’ll just keep getting stronger!