Did you notice? When the sun rises and the world is waking up, we’ve been awake for many hours. Cordex are people that wake up with a passion for work. We rise to get our hands dirty, toiling with a blend of machinery and cutting edge technology, equipped with our extensive knowledge of baling. Cordex are people that look to vast fields and see in them an admirable history, an exciting present, and an ambitious future. Cordex are many people. We invest all our days in creating quality products, making improvements by combining dedication and innovation with joy and passion. What makes us happy? The smiles shared between a father and son, or a grandfather and grandson, the tired smile of shared effort in a job well done. Cordex are a part of day-to-day agriculture, working each day with a goal in mind of being better than the best. You can always depend on us. When the sun sets and the world prepares itself for sleep, we take a breath.Tomorrow is always another challenge. We are a piece of the future. We are a #partofthefamily.