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Cordex Eco - For a greener future

Cordex is a responsible and concerned organization that always expressed its position in defense of the environment and social responsibility.

All ECO issues, such as sustainability, energy policies, waste and recycling, are seen as a priority. As an industry, we are fully committed to minimize our environmental impact and aware of our role in the mission of caring and preserve the only house of humanity: the planet EARTH.

We do it for a greener future. Everyday, with you, with everyone, in order to achieve a better common future. Being sustainable is an important mission for us, bringing the best products, guaranteeing the performance and quality as always.

What isCordex Eco?

Cordex Eco was created to help workers, clients, suppliers, partners and the society to understand that Cordex is a responsible company, with sustainability in its horizon.

We implement sustainability actions alligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to fight climate change.

Sustainable Development Goals
11 Sustainable cities and communities
13 Climate action
12 Responsible consumption and production

Our Actions

Reduce industrial consumption
We reduce industrial consumption...

We use the latest production technology and high-performance equipments to maximize production.

Packaging optimization
We optimize our packaging

Use of automatic packaging, which increases efficiency and improves working conditions.
Inclusion of recycled cardboard separators on the Netwrap Pallets.
Possibility of pack the netwrap rolls without plastic sleeve.

Industrial Waste Recycle
Internal Circularity Policy

All industrial scrap is recycled and reincorporated in production.
The content of recycled plastic varies from 3% to 25% depending on the type of product.

End of life solutions
We find end of life solutions

Our products are recyclable as they are made 100% of polyolefinic thermoplastics. We are members of programs and projects whose mission is to research, disseminate tools and practices that promote and favor a rational and responsible use of plastics, as well as the collection and recycling of plastic waste in the final consumer of Cordex products.

Pollution abatement logistics
We implement pollution abatement logistics

We increase the loads transported, reducing transport trips. Consequently, there is a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions due to transport.

We innovate
We innovate

We are working towards global sustainable solutions:
Fully Biodegradable Products;
High Quality Recycled Products;
Compostable Products.

Quality policy
We ensure the quality policy

The Cordex Management System, built in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 certification, leverages the purpose of sustaining our development with a culture focused on permanent innovation, continuous improvement, pollution prevention, risk management, continuous technological evolution, improving the flexibility and productivity.

We take responsibility, for a greener future!


We are a certified Zero Waste company.

This Certification provides a 3rd party assurance that we are committed to a responsible waste management policy.

Our main goals are reducing, reusing and recycling, focusing on waste management solutions that eliminate commonly landfill-bound waste.