Bale Netwrap
Netexx Big

Farmers and Contractors spend a lot of time and effort preparing for their baling season, ultimately looking to protect their long time investment – their crop. Choosing the right netwrap will be one of the most important decisions in the baling process. By picking a premium quality net that suits their specific needs, they are wisely protecting their business by eliminating the possibility of downtime and crop damage. With these in mind CordexAgri® launches its premium netwrapNetexx Big® – the most suitable netwrap to use under extreme round baling conditions.

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    Netexx ®

    • Better crop grip

    • Perfect bale coverage

    • Higher mass

    • Better u.v. resistance

    • Better cutting

    • Less knots

    • Superior strength

    • Limited production


  • Full Side to side Coverage

  • High Visibility

  • Guaranteed Minimum Length

  • 50 m red end warning Stripe

  • Reusable Handles

  • Left-Right direction indicator

  • For all makes and models of round baling machines.

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