In general, a lightweight rope for a variety of fishing and mooring applications.Polypropylene rope floats maintaining its flexibility and strength in both wet and dry conditions. Available on split film, monofilament and multifilament versions.

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    Product Properties
    Material: Polypropylene Chemical Resistance: Good Specific Gravity (Density): (0,91 - floats) Abrasion Resistance: Low UV Resistance: Poor Water Absorption: 0.1% Construction: 3-4 strands Melting point: +165ºC Color: On request Marker: On request Elongation: Split 8 to 12% Mono 12 to 18% Multi 16 to 24 %
    Applications: - Mooring - Professional Fishing - Towing - Commercial Fishing - Dock Line
    All ropes manufactured in accordance to ISO and EN Standards. The values for the breaking load are purely informative and can be changed without prior notice Ropes can be made with other weight if properly specified by the customer.

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