Plastic Baler Twine

Farmers and contractors are always demanding for the highest
density bales possible.
To match this challenge they needed a high performance twine
to ensure High Knot Strength and good grip, avoiding slippage
even in the most extreme baling conditions.

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    Balecord ® UltraGrip™

    To meet this challenge Cordexagri developed ULTRA GRIP.

  • 80% Higher Grip than any standard Twine;

  • Available in Giant Spools – 23 lb (10,43 kg) to reduce down time;

  • Guaranteed average Knot Strength – 550 lbf (250kgf)

  • Details

  • 80% higher knot grip than

  • Any standard twine

  • Guaranteed superior knot

  • Strength (avg.) – 550 lbs / 250kg

  • Available in Giant Spools

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