On January 17 and 18, we had the privilege of presenting our latest product, Biocord, at Lamma.The event was marked by the special participation of Kelvin Fletcher.

Biocord, developed in partnership with Polymateria, is the FIRST polypropylene synthetic fiber in the WORLD to be simultaneously recyclable and biodegradable, standing out as a remarkable response to current market demands.


The introduction of this twine marks a turning point, capturing the interest of UK farmers and sparking a shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices. This signifies a step towards a future where sustainable agriculture is the norm.


Kelvin Fletcher, a renowned influencer in the industry, was one of the guests participating in this launch, sharing valuable insights that contributed to highlighting the product’s significance in the current landscape. A big thank you for his brilliant contribution. His enthusiasm was crucial in highlighting this innovation.


Huge thanks also go to our partners at Polymateria for being the scientific pioneers behind the development of Biocord. Thank you for joining us in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture.


To learn more, visit Cordex – Biocord, or contact us for additional information.


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